One Health


The ever-growing world population needs more and more space, and people and animals are getting closer and closer. Climate change and migration are bringing with them new pathogens that are less well known in Bulgaria. This creates new and complex medical challenges that require interdisciplinary solutions at the interface between humans, animals and the environment.

These and other challenges are being tackled with the One Health approach. Scientists from various fields work closely with the authorities, politicians and the public to prevent, minimize and control health risks.

The One Health approach brings together human medicine, veterinary medicine and the natural, environmental and food sciences. The main objective is to create added value for human and animal health and have a positive impact on the environment through joint endeavors.

The OH-BG will focus on critical research questions in the field of health at the interface of humans, animals, the benvironment and food supply. The research projects will deal with topics specific to Bulgaria and the Balkan region as well as topics of a global nature. An important area will be the treatment of animals and the associated ethical and legal principles.

The OH-BG will network with international One Health researchers from the outset and work on joint EU projects.

It will offer courses and seminars for students of human and veterinary medicine and environmental sciences. Clinical studies, further training events and practical courses for doctors, veterinarians and researchers in biomedicine will be carried out. The future curricula will be internationally networked with courses, summer schools, etc.